• We Are Experts

    We Are Experts

    Our staff has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the sealing and gasket industry. We excell in the manufacturing process as well as in our understanding of material selection.
  • Best Materials

    Best Materials

    We have access to best in class materials from top manufacturers.
    Our suppliers are developing materials that push the parameters of heat, pressure, and chemical resistance .
  • ESP Gasket Industries

    Our Industries

    The industries ESP supplies gaskets and sealing products for range from Chemical Processing, where aggressive chemicals, high pressures and extreme temperatures create challenging conditions, to Food & Beverage.
  • Ohio Gaskets

    The Mission

    We are your one source for all of your sealing devices and gaskets. Located in Northeast Ohio and Northwest Indiana, we promise that each and every employee is dedicated to provide you with the best customer service you can find anywhere.
  • ESP Sealing Applications


    Wheter you're looking for gaskets to be used in corrosive environments, high pressure environments or seals for chemical applications, the team at ESP will help you find the perfect product.

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    Dieless Gasket Cutting

    With our software driven CNC equipment we can achieve a very high degree of efficiency. Precise edges and tight tolerances allow us to nest material and reduce waste significantly.
    The biggest advantage is our capability to reduce turnaround time for production samples. This provides you with better opportunities to test and iterate.