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Die Cut Gaskets

We die cut many different materials. Compressed Non-Asbestos, Buna, Neoprene, Viton, Hypalon, Silicone, Vegetable Fiber, Fiber Cork, Cork, Sponge, Foam and many other non-metallic materials.

Mechanical Seals (New & Repair)

From single spring, to split cartridge seal we can handle your complete requirements. If you are presently using engineered seals (non-single spring), then please send your used seals to our Cleveland location for a prompt quotation.

Sewn Products

Whether your need is for a rod protecting bellows or boot, way cover or heat reflective shields, one call is all it will take to satisfy your requirement of sewn products.


Fiberglass tape, rope, cloth, blankets, etc. Ceramic tape, rope, cloth, blankets, etc.

Orings & Hydraulic Packing

Orings - all compounds, Loaded Lip Seals, U-Cups, Vee Packing, wipers, scrapers, metric, etc.

Braided Packing (Pumps & Valves)

Acrylic, Flax, Teflon, GFO, Carbon, Graphite, Braided Flexible Graphite, Kevlar. Bulk or Die-Formed Rings.

Lubricants and Compounds

Copper, Aluminum, Nickel, Teflon, etc. Thread sealants, glues, Teflon tape, joint sealant and more.

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