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Different chemical processing operations cause different problems. When it comes to sealing solutions, aggressive chemicals, high pressures and extreme temperatures can all create challenging conditions. Chemical compatibility is a particularly important consideration. Use Using incompatible materials and the seal may prematurely degrade the seal, putting the safety of your site and people in jeopardy.

As with all bolted connections, appropriate gasket selection is only one of many considerations if joint integrity is to be achieved. In safety critical applications we take a holistic view of the connection ensuring that other mechanical components, i.e. fasteners and flanges, are appropriately matched.

Aggressive chemicals, such as acids, and alkalis, represent hazards to personnel and the environment. When selecting a gasket for aggressive chemical service, it is important that the gasket material is compatible with the chemical or media being sealed. If the material is not compatible, a chemical attack will begin to degrade it and break it down. Our experts can give some guidance that buyers should consider when selecting gaskets for aggressive chemicals.

We can help you with special solutions for applications and equipment that often involves aggressive chemicals include pumps, mixers, instrumentation, and filling systems.

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