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Galvanic corrosion is caused by having dissimilar metals in the gasket and flange, or two flanges, which become electrically connected in an electrolyte – often sea water.

The electrode potential difference of the metals causes them to act as an anode and cathode, accelerating corrosion on the anode. Electrode potential and geometry ratio also have an effect, so using the correct materials is vital to prevent excessive corrosion. Flange face corrosion can lead to leaks and potential down time, and often require expensive and time-consuming repairs.

All metals are subject to corrosion in one way or another. Distinct types of metals, under varying circumstances, will damage at different rates, but they will all corrode. The chemical composition of the minerals gives them innate qualities that react either electrochemically or chemically. The reaction is caused when materials interact with their environment. Packaging for electronics is created for four distinct environments.

Our experts have helped clients to navigate the factors to consider when specifying a gasket into a marine environment which includes salt water being corrosive to many gasket materials if they are constantly submerged. Material choices such as a neoprene rubber, neoprene foam, or EPDM are common to try and maxamise the longevity of the gasket.

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