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In the oil and gas industry, the risk of fire due to the accidental release of hydrocarbons is a very real and present danger.

Equally, in the event of fire breaking out at an on-shore or off-shore facility, you need to be confident that the pipework carrying flammable substances will maintain its integrity, providing sufficient time for the fire to be brought under control or evacuation to take place.

In such circumstances, gaskets used in flanged joints must be fit for purpose and capable of withstanding high temperatures in a sustained fire situation.

In various other industries, especially in the chemical industry, the demand for fire-safe applications increases. This means there is also a need for fireproof gaskets. To meet that demand from the industry, our experts are here to help with multifunctional gaskets that are completely fireproof and certified.

We can help you with special solutions for your applications and work with many specialized material manufacturers.

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