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When you’re working in high pressure environments, whether it’s those found in subsea applications, or resulting from sealing highly pressurised gases or liquids, you need to be confident that the seal is fit for purpose. After all, the consequences of a seal ‘blowing out’ under pressure can be catastrophic.

For such challenging applications, one small component can make the biggest difference. Selecting the right gasket material can minimize downtime, maintain safety and maximize the efficiency of operations.

We regularly provide Original Equipment Manufacturers with reliable high-pressure solutions for their fluid sealing applications working up to 2000 Bar and sometimes even higher.

Irrespective of the absolute level, materials behave differently and this can be further complicated by fluctuating pressures and temperatures, aggressive chemicals, galvanic corrosion and difficult working environments.

We can help you with special solutions for your applications and work with many specialized material manufacturers.

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