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Whatever temperature you’re working with, it’s vital that you have trust in the integrity of your sealing solution.

Sealing in high temperature processes is not straight forward and often involves other complicating factors such as oxidation, thermal cycling and relaxation of flange components. Together these put a strain on gasket materials which can lead to premature failure, leakage and, where flammable products are involved, a risk of fire.

We can help you with special solutions for your applications and work with many specialized material manufacturers.

ESP specializes in precision high temperature gaskets and seals for a wide range of industries and applications. We offer a range of gasket materials which are capable of handling temperatures from 350°F to 2300°F. These high temperature materials provide high reliability seals at temperatures beyond the range of traditional gasket materials. Gaskets and seals manufactured from high temperature materials are designed to perform well in applications involving, flame, exhaust, combustible fluids, and elevated temperatures.

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