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Agrochemical production delivers a host of challenging environments. Aggressive chemicals, such as ammonia and nitric acid, must be contained. Temperatures can exceed 1000 degrees, creating a highly oxidized environment, while pressures can rise to 2900psi. Thermal cycling, experienced during routine maintenance, further increases demand on equipment.

For such a challenging application, one small component can make the biggest difference. Selecting the right gasket material can minimize downtime, maintain safety and maximize the efficiency of plant operations.

As with all bolted connections, appropriate gasket selection is only one of many considerations if joint integrity is to be achieved. In safety critical applications we take a holistic view of the connection ensuring that other mechanical components, i.e. fasteners and flanges, are appropriately matched.

We can help you with special solutions for applications and equipment that often involves aggressive chemicals include pumps, mixers, instrumentation, and filling systems.

High temperature applications, include those seen in the chemical and agrichemical industries, prolonged exposure to high temperatures can cause standard gaskets, and even those made from flexible graphite, to oxidize and break down. Our experts are here to assist in the correct material choice.

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