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Challenges facing offshore or subsea industries go beyond the practical issue of gasket installation where poor visibility, limited movement and entrapment can be of prime concern. Gaskets used must be capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions prior to subsea installation.

Material selection plays a key role along with design features that address the potential for pressure lock on flange closure. Subsea seal failure can be both devastating to the environment and costly to repair.

Exposure to sunlight can weaken a material over extended periods of time, and so it is also important to consider ozone resistance as part of your material specification.

Factors to consider when specifying a gasket into a marine environment include salt water being corrosive to many gasket materials if they are constantly submerged. Material choices such as a neoprene rubber, neoprene foam, or EPDM are common to try and maxamise the longevity of the gasket.

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