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It’s not always viable for manufacturing operations to produce their own gaskets, and instead they rely on original equipment manufactured (OEM) products. As gaskets are a small, yet vital component in virtually every piece of equipment that has a sealed joint, having trust in your OEM supplier is paramount. After all, if equipment fails due to a blown gasket, it’s your reputation that’s on the line.

Today we service manufacturers of instruments, strainers, compressors, electronics and computers, centrifugal pumps, sound control units, gearboxes, boilers, hand tools, cooling towers and the list goes on. OEM gasket applications most often have very specific and stringent criteria. Usually drawings are supplied with exacting material, specifications and tolerances.

With our software driven CNC equipment we can achieve a very high degree of efficiancy. Precise edges and tight tolerances allow us to nest material and reduce waste significantly. The biggest advantage is our capability to reduce turnaround time for production samples. This provides you with better opportunities to test and iterate.

We can help you with special solutions for almost any applications. Our exprets are here to learn your specific need and help with material selection.

Maintenance repair orders are a large part of our gasket business. Whether it's a power plant, food processor, or chemical manufacturer that need standard flange or special gaskets fast, we deliver. Often processing or manufacturing equipment needs a replacement gasket and quick.

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